A downloadable game for Windows


– Make the doll Jeudille walk the virtual town of Lorgna; interact with people to discover who she is, what she is, and what that place is.


– I would like to thank particularly Brayden Anderson (Totallyhorse): He composed most of the music you can hear in Doll. If I were unaware of his work, I would have chosen nobody to cover the main part of Doll: Our arts, I think, match perfectly. If you like his music, do not hesitate to visit his soundcloud page (https://soundcloud.com/totallyhorse). I express all my gratitude to Djjaner (http://djjaner.newgrounds.com/) for allowing me to use, for the ending, a track he composed. I also thank Bastien Wild, for making his CBNA Smartlight accessible to everyone, and allowing the projection of shadows (I underused it in Doll, but this engine is light and powerful). Then, I would like to thank the website soundbible.com from which I downloaded the sounds of the rain and the one of a gong. Finally, I express my sincere gratitude to all the members from the yoyogames community: They taught me how to code a game.

A word about the translation

– The current version includes the entire content of Doll; the French version is complete and definitive. However, the English version contains without a doubt some grammatical and syntactic mistakes. If Doll were to be interesting for any non-francophone people, I would gladly include any correction (even the smallest one), in a future update, noticed and then notified in an e-mail.


bkqczr.xyz – My homepage, for francophone readers.


doll.exe 168 MB


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Really neat stuff, nice visual style too!